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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Taxing planes

That is plane trips tax the environment. "Jane Galt" says:
If you take just two cross country and two overseas trips a year . . . not a big number for today's more mobile young adults . . . you're consuming as much carbon as you would by driving a huge gas-guzzling SUV 12,000 miles a year.
So Kitchen Linker says,

  • Discourage low-value plane trips with a pigouvian tax.
  • Stop subsidizing airlines. There are many subsidies, see a recent New York Times story about a smaller one.
  • Lead the way with "only travel when strictly necessary" policies, replace travel with tele-, video-, and "second life" meetings.

On the other hand, air tavel has been getting much more efficient, which surprised me a little bit.

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